New Years Resolution

Usually I don’t do New Years Resolution, it’s not my ‘thing.’ This last year I ahve been really struggling with myself and how to make this ‘better life’ I keep trying to acheive. I decided to very quietly promise myself that this is the year to start taking care of my body.

Last year I made some progress to better my mind and emotions, 2013 will be the year of the body or as a friend and I have joked the year of the barbell!

I am not going to do anything drastic, no fad diets, no insane workouts….no time! My plan is to eat healthy and add exercise where I can. I am tired with this struggle and it is time to be honest, brutally honest. I am tracking what I am eating and trying to stay within a caloric range. I am hoping with time I will add exercise and activity without effort and that I can see what my trends in eating are and change them where possible.

Starting weight 205lbs.