After the birth of my two children I have really found losing weight to be a difficult task. Granted, I am not in my twenties any more and quite honestly I didn’t spend my twenties being that health concious or fit. I have done the working out thing, which was great and I give it lots of credit. Problem is, I barely have time to have a shower,  working out is not at the top of my list. Its on the to do list, but it gets skipped over regularly.

My mother via my brother brought forward a diet that intrigued me. Major disclaimer: I am not a diet person, I don’t like restrictions and I don’t like being told what I can and can`t have. For some reason though I decided to give this diet a try and I must say I was amazed at the results!

I lost 16lbs in under a month! A lot of that was water weight but seeing the scale move that quickly doesn’t usally happen unless I am stepping off the scale.

The diet I tried was ketosis, basically limiting the amount of carbohydrates and sugar in my diet.

I love carbohydrates and I will be the first to admit that I had a sugar addiction, but some how I found it really easy to do. I drank lots and lots and lots of water. I mean a lot of water! I ate a lot of eggs and cheese and I found that my hunger lessened and my energy increased. It was really weird.

Then, well then I moved. I didn’t have the food I needed at my finger tips, I was in a high stress environment and the good weather started. I wanted french fries and beer on a patio. Buttery popcorn and ice cream.

What has amazed me was after going without I have realized how bad the food I love made me feel. I felt bloated and tired after a heavy carbohydrate meal and I found sweets to sugary. I never ever thought I would think this way.

Being introduced to ketosis has changed my way of thinking about food. It has changed the way I look at planning meals.

I am currently trying to get back into the swing of things and trying to be strict on the ketosis diet. It is easy but difficult. Your body tells you it wants carbs and sugars, it tells you it is hungry. You eat and realize it is lying to you, you are not hungry, just thirsty. The beginning feels like a constant fight and then it all goes away and you start losing weight and feeling great. I hope I can struggle through and succeed.


After the birth…


I have been thinking lately that I would like pictures from my childhood that captured certain times or moments that I hold dear in my mind but don’t know of any visual images captured to look at.

I was looking at my scarlet runner beans and I had a flashback to my grandparents house when I was a little kid. They lived in Vancouver and I would go and visit them in the summer for a week or so. I can vividly remember their backyard and their garden. They had one running beside their driveway and one that faced the back alley. My grandpa always grew scarlet runner beans and I can remember distictivly my grandpa and my grandma at the back of the house tending to their garden. I can see the types of clothes they were wearing, the way their hair was done and the way they smelled. I really enjoyed my time spent with my grandparents and my mind is full of details about them that I treasure, but I wish I had pictures that could capture the magic of those moments. Now that house has been sold and forever changed and my grandpa has passed away. The memories remain but a part of me wishes to walk back into that house and have that feeling again.
I just spent the weekend away with my family and as we drove out of town and began the long journey I was again reminded of a time, a memory so vivid that I can’t shake it no matter how many times I drive that road. Since my dad passed away I am astounded by the amount of places that I have tied to his memory. No picture to remind me but I find myself transported back to that moment where he was alive and around to spend time with no matter the circumstance.
In some way no pictures could capture those moments. They are memories we hold in our hearts just like the people we shared those memories with.


It took me reading a friends blog iheartthisblog, to come to the realization that the suckage of my blog is at an all time high. I have no interesting pictures, I have no tutorials, I have no crazy stories, I have no excitement. I guess it depends on what your definition of excitement is though. I found a new blog this week, that really brought up the question of excitement in my blog. Have you seen Almost Fearless? If you haven’t you should really check it out, it’s an amazing travel blog that makes you want to sell all of your belongings and become a gypsy…well kind of!

I have been doing really good at making home cooked meals this week, except for this evening, we ordered pizza. Last night we had sesame beef, a really good recipe I got from Martha Stewart. I usually find her recipes a bit bland but this has become a favourite in this household.

The night before that I am ashamed to admit that I had popcorn for dinner, it was home made, I gave the girls a more nutritious meal, no need to call child services!

Tonight I am finishing off a great bottle of wine. A wine that I have fallen in love with  and only want to drink for the rest of time. I wouldn’t usually suggest a bottle of wine but this one is GOOD! It is from South Africa…

Stormy Bay Cabernet Sauvignon. So good and easy to drink.

I am going to try to take lots of photo’s this weekend and have lots to post about. I really want to keep this blog going but it is a real struggle with two kids. Here’s to family adventures and sunny weekends!

Chicken Caesar

Well my goal came dangerously close to being a complete failure on day 2!

I came home to a house with drywall dust everywhere and new window trimming. My husband has a problem with having time off and not working, he can’t help himself, he has to keep busy.

I forgot to take a picture of my meal, but I made a chicken caesar salad. I cheated though and picked up an already cooked chicken at the grocery store. I forgot to take something out of the freezer, a main component in making at home meals. I will do better tomorrow.

What would you feed these monkeys?

New Year, new start

Hello all! Welcome to 2012, I’m not one for resolutions, have I mentioned that before, but I must say I am going to try to write more often.

To challenge myself, save money and maybe lose some weight I am going to attempt to make home cooked meals for the month of January unless pressured (ha, ha) into going out. Since heading back to work I haven’t been to good at making meals and I have brought home stuff to eat a little to often.

I am also hoping by doing this it might provide for more content for this place. Maybe some tutorials, maybe some pictures, maybe some comedic stories.

Tonight, I smoked out my kitchen while making fettuccine Alfredo and breaded chicken. The smoke was because my oven is over due for a cleaning not because I burnt something. No pictures though, forgot about that. Instead I will share a couple of pictures of what I have been up to while neglecting this fine place.


As 2011 comes to a close, I can’t help but look back and take stock of what has happened and how I am feeling right now.

2011 is the year I stayed home with my children, learning how to be a mom of two.

Now that I have returned to work I am struggling to be a mother of two, wife of one, friend and employee. I am looking for balance, I am looking for a flow. I think the flow is coming but I am unsure I am happy with it. But as flows go, I guess I should just go with it.

I am unable to cook like I usually do and therefore lack in food related blog posts. I haven’t even used my crock pot yet!

I am not a maker of resolutions as I don’t like expectations and unfulfilled promises, but I am looking at 2012 and hoping to become a better parent, with more patience and understanding. I am hoping to find a calm in the chaos of my life, I am hoping to get more time with just my husband that takes us away from the home and away from the responsibility of parenting. I am also hoping for time for myself and with friends.

Can I fulfill these hopes?