I have been thinking lately that I would like pictures from my childhood that captured certain times or moments that I hold dear in my mind but don’t know of any visual images captured to look at.

I was looking at my scarlet runner beans and I had a flashback to my grandparents house when I was a little kid. They lived in Vancouver and I would go and visit them in the summer for a week or so. I can vividly remember their backyard and their garden. They had one running beside their driveway and one that faced the back alley. My grandpa always grew scarlet runner beans and I can remember distictivly my grandpa and my grandma at the back of the house tending to their garden. I can see the types of clothes they were wearing, the way their hair was done and the way they smelled. I really enjoyed my time spent with my grandparents and my mind is full of details about them that I treasure, but I wish I had pictures that could capture the magic of those moments. Now that house has been sold and forever changed and my grandpa has passed away. The memories remain but a part of me wishes to walk back into that house and have that feeling again.
I just spent the weekend away with my family and as we drove out of town and began the long journey I was again reminded of a time, a memory so vivid that I can’t shake it no matter how many times I drive that road. Since my dad passed away I am astounded by the amount of places that I have tied to his memory. No picture to remind me but I find myself transported back to that moment where he was alive and around to spend time with no matter the circumstance.
In some way no pictures could capture those moments. They are memories we hold in our hearts just like the people we shared those memories with.


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