It took me reading a friends blog iheartthisblog, to come to the realization that the suckage of my blog is at an all time high. I have no interesting pictures, I have no tutorials, I have no crazy stories, I have no excitement. I guess it depends on what your definition of excitement is though. I found a new blog this week, that really brought up the question of excitement in my blog. Have you seen Almost Fearless? If you haven’t you should really check it out, it’s an amazing travel blog that makes you want to sell all of your belongings and become a gypsy…well kind of!

I have been doing really good at making home cooked meals this week, except for this evening, we ordered pizza. Last night we had sesame beef, a really good recipe I got from Martha Stewart. I usually find her recipes a bit bland but this has become a favourite in this household.

The night before that I am ashamed to admit that I had popcorn for dinner, it was home made, I gave the girls a more nutritious meal, no need to call child services!

Tonight I am finishing off a great bottle of wine. A wine that I have fallen in love with  and only want to drink for the rest of time. I wouldn’t usually suggest a bottle of wine but this one is GOOD! It is from South Africa…

Stormy Bay Cabernet Sauvignon. So good and easy to drink.

I am going to try to take lots of photo’s this weekend and have lots to post about. I really want to keep this blog going but it is a real struggle with two kids. Here’s to family adventures and sunny weekends!


One thought on “Missmash

  1. Hey! You know what?! Don’t give up. The ordinary lives are what makes blogs extraordinary. I have had my blog FOREVER and still only get a handful of comments, unless I’m bribing. It doesn’t matter~ what matters is sharing what you love and your life… one day you’ll love the posts that you once “hated” Document the everyday… and you’ll start to see how fun it is to view it through another’s eyes. 🙂

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