Slow Cooker

I am still struggling with this whole working mommy thing. I can’t find my flow yet and I can’t figure out how to get everything done including posting in this blog.

I have decided that I have to break out the old slow cooker and start preparing the evening meals in advance. The thing is I don’t have any real good slow cooker recipes. When I used to look I  would always find recipes using a lot of canned goods and that is not how I want to cook for my family.

Do you have any good recipes you want to share…


3 thoughts on “Slow Cooker

  1. Well I have two cook books that I’ve used that have some good recipes them. You can borrow them when I get my other two books back 🙂 let me know if you are interested.

  2. You can do your favourite chili in the slow cooker, just get a sear on the meat and then throw everything in the pot. This is my favourite:

    One of my favourite curries I do in the slow cooker, easily adapted. Let me know if you want instructions:

    Rub a pork roast with your favourite cajun seasonings, chop up an onion and some peppers, add a cup of tomato juice and some water and make pulled pork out of it.

    Check out crockpot365. A year of slowcooking, a new recipe a day.

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