As some of you might know I am back to work. I have no time for anything anymore other then taking care of my immediate family and even that is not up to my normal standards (more on this another time.)

My biggest concern right now is that my little baby is turning one on Sunday and I have a party to plan for. Can you help?

Its a mixture of adults and all ages of kids. I am trying to plan food a mix of home made and store bought. One of my pet peeves or my biggest anxieties is not having enough food or having the right food. I want people to be fed and happily fed. The idea of someone complainig about my food fills me with dred. It is kind of an issue and usually leads me to making enough pasta for 10 instead of 4!

Anyway the reason for this emergency post is to ask for your help. What do you like to see when you go to a party? What fills you with delight when you go to a party and you see that certain food type on the table! What is a must that I should include? My mommy brain is in full effect and I think I am going to forget the simplist of things, like crackers.

Imagine having a whole table of spreads and dips but nothing to dip with? EEK! I cant handle it. Help me!


One thought on “Help

  1. Cut up fruits, cut up veggies. Pita. Quinoa salad. Cookies? Cheese & meats & crackers. Whole wheat buns. Think that is all.
    Happy 1st birthday to Roslyn on Sunday.
    Merry Christmas to you all 🙂

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