To the Cabin We Go

This last Sunday we gathered the family together and went for a walk. It was raining and cold so we didn’t go far or for long. We went to our normal standby, the family property otherwise known as ‘The Cabins.’ I was lucky enough to marry into a family that has a large piece of property on the Sooke River.

There are a couple of cabins on the property that the family use and I was lucky enough to live in this one for 3 winters.

It’s a place that family gathers and celebrate. My husband I actually got married here. It was the perfect setting.

It’s a beautiful place in the summer but magical in the winter. No one is there and you feel like you are all alone.

In the one cabin we tend to stay at there are all kinds of treasures that the original owner made. Like the above item, I can never figure out what it is really for but I love the little cabin and the canoe.

The kids love it here, Roslyn doesn’t appreciate it as much as Isabelle does but we will give her time!

Rain boots were a requirement.

 The mushrooms were out.

Signs of the salmon run were all around.

At the end of our walk, we were freezing, wet and whiny. We raced home and Roslyn decided to get into some end of the weekend trouble.



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