Do you think about sleep?

Do you think about how to get people to sleep more?

Lately it feels like my life is obsessed with sleep. I am always working on someone sleeping better.

I have been sleep training my 11 month old for a while now and we are in another round. Lots of crying and then eventually lots of great sleep. Right now she is crying away, I am not sure why either.

My 3 year old is a horrible sleeper, she always has been. She likes to be cuddled in her sleep and will wake up in the middle of the night looking for that cuddle.

I am always trying to think of new ways to get them both to sleep more independently and it takes a lot of work, patience and lack of sleep.

I am tired of thinking about sleep, I would like this portion of my life to be over. It would be nice if one of my concerns was my own sleep but that falls very low on the totem pole.

Here’s to your good nights sleep!


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