Checking the list



Well it is sad to say but Christmas is just around the corner. I have already started to think about what needs to be bought or made for people’s Christmas gifts. I always wrestle with this holiday. I don’t like the idea of giving for giving sake, I would rather have a well thought out gift that I want/need, not something just because a holiday says so. I have been told I am hard to buy for. I usually get cheques and gift certificates, which are all very welcomed. I like this form of gift because I can get exactly what I want but it does take away from the idea that someone bought an item especially for me.

This year I am trying to make it a bit easier by putting my thoughts together earlier and know what I would like this year. A lot of stuff I like I have been compiling on Pinterest. It has actually been a lot more fun then I thought. Its pretend shopping!

Last week I was at a friends house and she had one of these:

Within seconds Isabelle had a sliced, peeled, cored apple. It was simply amazing and I kind of fell in love. I would love to have one of these. It made the apples extra fun to eat. It”s from Lee Valley.


Of course I still need a rasp/ zester. I actually needed one yesterday and I had to improvise. I may need to buy one for myself instead of waiting for Christmas. Its a needed tool in my kitchen.

Do you make a Christmas list for yourself? Do you send it out to your family? Do you not celebrate Christmas?


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