Lentil Quinoa Soup

I have a new favourite soup this season, it is Lentil Quinoa Soup!

It is so delicious, hearty and healthy. I have been fooling around with this recipe a bit and I would say it is still a work in progress, but with each evolution I think it is the best I have ever made it!

I took the above picture and then started to make it and I realized I forgot some ingredients. Opps! As I said it’s an evolving recipe and when you cook without a recipe things change on the fly.

I start with the basics, extra virgin olive oil, minced garlic, chopped onion, chopped celery and sliced carrot. I let that all cook up together and today I decided to add some chopped up potato for some extra heartiness.

Once that is all combined together, add about half a cup of quinoa and a cup of lentils and mix together.  Season with salt and pepper. At this point add your stock, enough to cover the vegetables and let this cook away. Another secret addition I make is Red Chilli’s, I dont have a lot of experience with this ingredient so I buy a tube of it already chopped and just a squirt until it is as spicy as I like it. If you like to work with chilli’s then chop up some fresh and add it in.

The lentils will plump and the quinoa will become all crazy like they do. I usually find that a lot of the stock gets absorbed so I add more to get to the thickness I desire.

In today’s experiment I added a couple dashes of turmeric to the  mixture, tasted for seasoning and added a bit more salt and pepper. I let this mixture bubble away until the veggies were soft and the quinoa and lentils are completely cooked.

When it is all cooked up add about a teaspoon of red wine vinegar to the pot, stir it up and serve.

Everyone in my house enjoys this including the baby! She actually likes it the best.


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