I love the colour green, I think it’s the best!

If I had my choice I would paint my whole house in different shades of green.

Green is peaceful, invigorating, energizing, soothing…the list goes on. I LOVE GREEN!

I don’t have a lot of green in my wardrobe but I would love to add these gumboots to my small collection of green items.

I would say that most of my green in my wardrobe is in my accessories I like how it pops against my mostly black ensemble. I would not say no to this ring. Love the green!

This was my wedding bouquet, lots of green but maybe not enough? My wedding colours were green, white and purple.

I love this bag! I want this bag and all of its green glory, it’s not even leather and it has sneaky compartments for knitting. I want this bag!

I could keep posting about green, I am a bit obsessed. My love affair with Green will never end. Do you have a favourite colour? Are you obsessed with it as much as me?


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