Halloween Time!

Do you know what my favourite thing is about Halloween?

Its not the costumes, or the scary movies or even the bite size chocolate that is in abundance. It is the glorious pumpkins seeds that come with carving a pumpkin!

Even when my husband and I didn’t have children we still bought and carved pumpkins. The first year we lived together I borrowed his car and bought the largest pumpkin I could find in Calgary, I still remember that massive pumpkin riding shotgun as we navigated the unfamiliar streets. My husband could not understand why I would bother and why I would bother with such a a large pumpkin. After we carved the pumpkin he started to throw all the guts away and I gave him a stern talking to about the importance of the seeds. For the majority of our time together he did not believe me about the joys of the roasted pumpkin seed until recently when he finally tried them. With one bite he understood why I insisted we have pumpkins for the 7 years before we had children and why I went through the process of saving the seeds.

So for those who do not save the seeds here is my how to on roasting the pumpkin seed:

Preheat oven to 400F. Seperate the seeds from the pulp. This can be a bit painstaking and slimy but it is worth it.

Then rinse them under water to ensure that all the pulp has been removed and then drain the seeds.

Pat them dry with paper towel or a tea towel and transfer them to an oiled baking sheet and then moderatly sprinkle them with olive oil on and your chosen seasoning. You can use the classic salt, which is always good. Tonight I tried seasoning salt and some chilli powder for a little kick. I am sure you could put anything you like with them, but if you are a first timer try some salt first and then work your way up to changing the seasoning.

Then bake them in the oven until golden brown, stir them up a bit throughout the cooking process to make sure they all roast up and that the seasoning distributes. I tend to add seasoning as they cook.

Enjoy! My husband thinks they taste best warm, you be the judge!


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