Dinner Time!

Last night we had fajitas for dinner! It is one of my new favourite recipes that is super simple and super easy. It is from one of my favourite cookbook author’s, Nigella Lawson!

This is a great cookbook with lots of easy meal ideas that I use regularly. I won’t post the recipe here because it is not mine to post, but I will share my recipe for guacamole and show some pictures of my prep.

All ready to go in a pan!

All ready to eat! Yummo!

Guacamole is super easy to make. I tend to go with a super simple recipe as sometimes keeping it super simple is the best way to go.

Start with a ripe avocado,

Add juice from a fresh lime,

Mix and mash together adding salt to taste.

Now your done! Simple as that, if you want you can add some fresh chopped tomato but just like this is really delicious.

Did you know that keeping the pit in with the mashed avocado keeps it from browning, it’s a great trick.


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