Changing My Frame of Mind

The point of this blog was to help me better my life and to log my journey. I have found that as I write this blog it is more of an organic process then as structured as I had first envisioned. It creates its own vision as each day passes.

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As I walk this journey of life I find my frame of mind changes with each milestone I pass. Not with each step or with each year but with each milestone. Each trial and tribulation I go through I come out the other side with wider eyes to the world and a little bit more knowledge.

Today something clicked. I have always said to myself and to others how lucky I am to have the wonderful husband I have, how lucky I am to have my children and how lucky I am to have the amazing family that surrounds me. To say that ‘I am lucky’ discredits me as a person. Don’t I deserve these people in my life? Aren’t I good enough to have these people surround me?

Today my answer is YES! In the past my answer would have been very different, but today I know different.

Are you lucky or do you deserve it?


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