Is Anyone Out There?

I began by not sharing this blog with anyone. Now that I have been writing for a bit and I moved my server, I now wonder, is anyone out there?

My writing in this blog is for me and to allow me to have an outlet when my world spins out of control, but I still think, is anyone reading this?

My post’s aren’t life changing, I wouldn’t even call them inspirational but is anyone interested?

I will continue to write this weather I know I have an audience or not, I hope one day someone does read this and enjoy’s my ramblings.


5 thoughts on “Is Anyone Out There?

  1. Hey !

    I read every post and has got me thinking about starting my own. It’s nice to know that someone is going through the same stages as me. If anyone says that mommyhood is easy, I would slap them across the head 🙂

  2. My stupid Google reader thing doesn’t appear to be working, as it said there were no posts from you recently! Technology. Evil.

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