Harvest Time

Its the end of the summer. My garden was a wonderful success this year and we harvested lots of veggies and the kids loved it. My favourite part of the garden is the beautiful tomatoes.

The tomatoes were wonderful this year. I used them in sauces, salads and fresh right off the vine. Nothing is better then fresh tomatoes from the garden, they are sweet and delicious

Before all these tomatoes went bad I had to do something with them, so I decided to roast them and turn them into a basic sauce that I could freeze to be used later.

I gathered my tomatoes with some garlic and onions.

I halved and cored the bigger tomatoes, pulled the stems out of the smaller ones and peeled and sliced the onion.

Then I threw it all into a roasting tin with Oil, salt and pepper. Mixed it all together and made sure the larger ones had their cut sides facing down.

Put the roasting tin in a 375F oven and roast for 40 minutes or so.

They should look like this when they are done.

When the tomatoes have cooled down, pick the skins off and discard. Put the contents of roasting tin into a blender or a moulinex and blend into a bowl.

Don’t forget to get all the yummy goodness that is on the bottom of the moulinex

Once it is all blended, it should look like this:

Divide this into freezable containers and use it for lovely tomato sauces. It is so good and a great thing to do with an abundance of tomatoes.

Yum, yum, yum!

Sorry about the poor quality of photos, its the best I can do right now!


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