Why Start?

About a year and half ago my father passed away of throat cancer. He was diagnosed in October and passed away on February 26 2010. It all happened very quickly and as I spoke at his service I realised that something had to come from this, but what would it be?


I realised that I would be his legacy. As his only biological child I would carry on his gene’s and I hope I can continue to put out what he did. He touched a lot of people with his wisdom and sense of humour and I was not sure how I could make sure that was still being put out into the universe.

I have struggled to figure out how I can do this, until recently when a strange urge has come over me to better myself. I want to feel happy and healthy, physically and mentally. I thought the birth of my second child was what brought this feeling on, but I think through the birth of my second child I have been given some time for my brain to quiet down enough to see how I can best serve my dad. By bettering myself and being happy, my family will be happy and I believe that is all he ever wanted.

So I ask you to join me in this journey.


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