They say that patience is a virtue.
 I must not be very virtuous.
I was known to say ‘I hate wait’ when I was a child, it is a very clear memory. I am a lot better then I used to be, children have a way of forcing you to be patient.
Today my 3 year old tested my patience and I did not have many to spare. She whined, she dug her heals in and like every day I won. I eventually got her to do what I wanted her to do and we continued on until the next battle begun.
Six days virtually unassisted by others is enough to test any ones patience when raising children. I love my children and they are wonderful, but some days I want to go away and drink wine and eat chocolate.
I think patience comes with age, we begin to understand why we must wait and therefore it becomes more tolerable. There are some days though, that you wake up and you just can not summon the energy to be patient and those are days you should be alone.
As a parent I do not have that choice, I must wake up and do my best to be as patient and as loving as I can be to my children and hope for their bed time to come fast so that I may relax with my wine and chocolate and be a little bit selfish!
Do you consider yourself to be patient? How do you deal with trying times?

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