One Day at a Time

I believe that we are all connected by an energy, an energy that flows through us and connects us to every thing.
Source: fdly via pinterest
 I think we should be responsible for the energy we put out into the universe and understand that what we put out will come back to us.
Source: thephotoargus via pinterest
I try to live my life keeping this at the forefront of my mind and understand that when I am rude, mean or intolerant, this will return to me and vice versa.
Source: pinterest
When something bad or negative happens in my life I always try to see the positive, the silver lining. This can become hard to do when tragedy strikes and no positive is obvious, but upon reflection and distance from an event a positive can be found.
I think there is far too much negativity in this world and an abundance of hatred that must be overcome.
I try to remember this when I find myself in a funk or when I am so agitated I can’t function.
My dad told me once “There is no point in being angry at someone, it doesn’t affect them , it only hurts you.”

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