It’s a Fiesta!

Who doesn’t love the bright colours of Fiesta Dinnerware?
It is my new love and I wish my kitchen could be filled with its rainbow goodness.
Look at all the beautiful colours they come in:
I actually can’t make up my mind which colour I like best. I love the shamrock, the peacock, the cobalt blue, the turquoise, the sea mist, the plum, really don’t make me choose.
Source: hlchina
I really love this stuff!
I have a couple of pieces that I have found at second hand stores but now that it is back in stores I think I want to stock my kitchen with it. My mom restarted my love when she made a purchase state side and now I can’t help but obsess over the stuff.
Really the only think I need in my kitchen right now is a cream and sugar set.
Wouldn’t this look fabulous in my kitchen! Love the colour!
Or how about my favourite colour, green !
Source: fondooo
If anyone is thinking of the perfect gift for me, think Fiesta!
I love the bold colours and the smooth lines.
Do you have a fiesta at your home?

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