Do you cook?
I cook everyday and I enjoy it (other then deciding what to make every day.) Cooking is like therapy for me. I can lose myself in the process and forget about the day. I could cook and bake all day if I didn’t have other responsibilities and someone else could clean up for me.
I have a bit of an obsession with kitchens, kitchen utensils and dishes. Every time I move someone comments on the amount of boxes that are labelled kitchen and I feel still like I am missing things.
Source: pinmarklet via pinterest
I was lucky enough to grow up in a food family. Most of my memories of my childhood have to do with cooking. Whether it be my dad blasting music at 9am on Saturday while he cooked in the kitchen or the creations my mom would come up with when she would cook.
I was also lucky because my mom owned an Italian deli/cafe that I started hanging out at when I was a little girl. I learned to cook there, well I learned by watching my parents cook but the business reinforced what I learned at home.
I didn’t learn to cook from a recipe either, I learned by feel, taste and memory.
To this day I still don’t really use recipes. I look at two or three versions of the same recipe and then create my own dish. I don’t really measure and usually it is hard for me to repeat a recipe since I never know what I put in it.
Nothing makes me happier then to have a variety of fresh seasonal vegetable that I can create into a nutritious, satisfying, feast for my family.
Do you cook? Do you use recipes?
Coming soon, my first how to!

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