Birthday Eve

Tomorrow is my birthday, nothing like a birthday to make great changes, set goals and look back at what you have accomplished.
I did a big change!
My hair was almost to my bottom and I cut it off. I got rid of the greys and said good bye to drab momma.
I am very happy with it and I thank Jane at Karma in Sooke for doing such an amazing job.
This evening I had an amazing meal at markus’ wharfside restaurant. They never fail to impress. I had a fabulous fresh chantrelle risotto for an appetizer with
sautéed prawns with a white wine, lemon and garlic butter sauce, seasonal vegetables and roasted potatoes.
It was so yummy and if you find yourself in Sooke for a special occasion make sure you hit Markus’ you will not be disappointed. The view alone makes it a destination while staying in Sooke.
Tomorrow I turn 32, another year passes, I’ll save retrospection for tomorrow.
How do you like to spend your special day? I will be with my family eating and drinking!

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