Let’s Get This Party Started!

For a while I have been playing with the idea of starting a blog, but I could never summon the courage to start it. What would I write about? Who would read it? What would be the point? So instead of writing one I began to search through the millions of blogs that exsist out there.

I said to myself ‘I can do this!’ Then I would see the lovely images that were posted, the elequent words used and the wonderful ideas people were blogging about and it all became to overwhelming to begin. I felt like blogging was for the brilliant creative people, not me!

Now that I am home with my children I keep thinking I should be documenting some of this as it might help get through the days and it might help me be accountable to getting my goals completed.

This brings me to my ‘vision.’ I have a vision of a happy, loving, peaceful family, which I have, but I want to keep the vision growing and evoloving and I want to blog about it. So I hope that someone will join me in this and read my blog.

 I hope this to be a place to share my ideas and experiences and share with other the amazing blogs I have found out there in the blogosphere.


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